GoGirl Energy Drink Review (8/10)

I never quite understood the point of creating a product that only fits a certain demographic. Personally if I were to sell something I would try to have interest from anybody possible. But I suppose if you’re good enough at what you do, that single demographic market can work for you.

With a design such of that on the can of GoGirl energy drink, it isn’t hard to tell this is a drink for women (if the name wasn’t obvious enough). But all in all, the can does stand out enough to seem appealing on a shelf riddled with hundreds of other energy drinks.

It seems that everything about this drink appeals to the modern day woman. With cans that range from 5-35 calories each, and with a sugar free option, there is something for everybody, woman, and lifestyle.

In terms of taste, this drink is truly phenomenal.  I have tried many energy drinks, to often be dissapointed in taste, but still crave the results. In this case you can crave both, because instead of holding your nose and chugging, you can actually look forward to the taste.
Because of all of this, GoGirl energy drink earned an 8/10

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