Page One Restaurant (Glenn Cove) Review (9/10)

Today I will be doing my first restaurant review. As I am sure you may have noticed by many of my earlier posts, I am definitely a foodie, so the opportunity to be able to do this review really excited me, and I must say I was not let down.

In terms of appearance, from the outside this place looked like nothing more than your everyday small to medium-sized family run restaurant. But looks can really be deceiving with this one, because when you walk in you are in awe of how much space there is, including a bar and two levels of seating. In terms of the tables themselves, they are placed a very good distance away from each other which allows for an “open” feeling.

When it comes to food, there is only one chef in back cooking. I felt that this could be seen in one of two ways. On a busy night it is really hard to imagine that the chef doesn’t get really overwhelmed, and the service slows down. However, with the same chef always cooking, you can always expect the same quality of food.

The food itself, came from an extremely extensive menu. Not only were there a variety of options, but each option had 4 different ways of it possibly being prepared. There were also two separate menus, of two different price sets. But let me tell you, they were definitely equal, as I ordered off both of them, and was extremely happy with both.

In terms of taste, each food gave on a different experience. You try the crab, and are quite literally taken aback to the idea of a fancy seafood restaurant. You try the prime rib and think you are in a steak house. You order the burger, and imagine yourself at a burger joint. So all in all, I would say this chef has a specialty in everything available on the menu, and whatever you order will not be disappointed.

Page One, easily earned a 9/10.

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