BedPhones Review (3/10)

Today, I received a pair of BedPhones as a gift for review, from Ecommerce. At first I was amazed that they had been created, because it is something I have been waiting for since I started listening to music. Unfortunately, after trying them, it is apparent to me that there is plenty of room for improvement.

The design with these headphones was something I really had trouble getting past. Believe me, it isn’t because I think they’re ugly, it is simply because I could not decide what I thought of them. At first glance, I liked them, then at second look I thought they were ugly. Also, I originally thought this didn’t matter because the whole world isn’t going to watch you sleep, but after seeing the website trying to pass them off as “all day” type headphones I started to have a problem with it.

In terms of fit and feel, which is truly the most important aspect of this product, I was extremely unimpressed. The company likes to boast about their memory designed wires, which mold to a certain position and stay that way, unless of course you change them. But I will admit they are strong enough to stay like that during sleep. But the memory wire also has a disadvantage that breaks the whole product. It’s uncomfortable! The wire pushing against your head during sleep, is enough to make me want to pass on these.

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