Roaring Lion Energy Drink Review (3/10)

Today I received a gift from roaring lion, and unlike many companies who send samples, this company sent a sample of its products with samples of the leading competitor (red bull) along with instructions for a blind taste test.

I received a sugar free sample of Roaring Lion, matched with a sugar free red bull. Then I was also given a regular sample of red bull with a regular sample of roaring lion. After doing the taste test as asked, I came up with the following results.

Test One

Red Bull (Sugar Free)- 5/10;

Roaring Lion (Sugar Free)- 6/10; (tasted and smelled better, but not by much)

Test Two

Red Bull (Regular)- 7/10; (tasted and smelled better, but not by much once again)

Roaring Lion (Regular)- 5/10;

In the end, Roaring lions claim (that it has the same basic ingredients/effect as red bull but tastes better) didn’t seem to hold up. In terms of the sugar free versions, roaring lion did come ahead, but definitely not by much. So the rating isn’t based on the drink itself, but on the fact that it doesn’t support the claim that its banking on.

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