Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Review (4/10)

Today I will be doing my first movie review, and I thought why not do one for a movie that has so much about it to be discussed. Let me start off by saying, if your expecting a continuation of the original movie, or a very similar storyline you are definitely not going to be happy.

If you are going to see this movie based off of the trailers, beware because they are deceiving. At first look, the movie appears to be an action packed fight between humans and apes, while in reality the only action in this movie was a 5 minute scene towards the very end.

The reason this movie got a bad review wasn’t because of the content, it was because of how the story was developed. It was like the writers couldn’t decide which direction to take the movie, and then once they picked a storyline it cut off. Not only that, but there were way too many things left incomplete, and in the end I just didn’t walk out of the theatre satisfied.

Don’t get me wrong, James Franco is an amazing actor, and there was some semi heart wrenching scenes, as well as some that really made you think. But in the end, the movie just didn’t come together well enough, and thats what earned it the 4/10.

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