Switch Easy Phone And Tablet Cases (3/10)-(7/10)

Today I received a few gifts from Switch Easy (2 ipad cases, and 3 iphone cases to be exact) for free, and let me just say I have a lot to say about this one. Before I start, let me just say I think the company has an inappropriate name as it should be called Switch Hard, because once these cases are on good luck getting them off.

I know many of you may be confused about the title and the double rating on todays post, but it was definitely necessary because the rating depends completely on who you are. If you’re the kind of person whose case changes with your mood, this isn’t for you, but if you can live with having the same case for a period of time and wont have to deal with the hassle, you may have found your match. Because when I say these cases are hard to get off, I mean it!

In terms of the cases themselves, aside from a few thing I personally would have changes (design wise) I was pleasantly surprised. The only way I could possible describe these cases is uniquely, boldly, and sometimes even brilliantly, I can learn to love the different case niches. And by niche I mean their “sub-brands,” which the cases that I also see as a nice addition

iPhone “colors” case- 6/10; Aside from the button (which is a little harder then it should be) and some minor design errors, this was the only case that I had very little trouble getting on and off

iPhone “Capsule Rebel,” Case- 5/10; Unique design that can be found cool so some, and plain weird to others. Extremely hard to take off

iPhone “Reptile,” Case- 7/10; Very nice design, definitely better in some colors than others. The bumper that comes with it is a very nice touch

iPad 2 “Cover Buddy,” Case- 4/10; Very good functionality, many features. Takes some time to figure out though.

iPad 2 “Nude,” Case- 2/10; All I have to say about this one is very plain

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