Tripple Double Stuffed Oreo Review (3/10)

The day has finally come, the day I have been waiting for, because for me too much stuffing isn’t even enough. Thats right, get your head out of the gutters, I’m talking of course about Oreos. My days of taking apart double stuffed Oreos to make quadruple stuffed Oreos have ended as Nabisco has finally gotten my message “More Stuffing!

The packaging of these Oreos are the same as usual, the blue packages with the picture on the front that “jumps out at you.” Unfortunately with this one, if you go by what you see on the front of the package you are in for a big let down.

These are called triple double stuffed, but in terms of the extra stuffing, your really not getting much. It almost seems to be the same amount of stuffing as you would see with the normal double stuffed Oreo with an extra chocolate cookie thrown in. So in the end your getting less frosting, more cookie. I don’t know about you but thats the last thing I want in my Oreo.

I know that alone isn’t enough to give this new product as low as a 3/10 but the taste is what really earned itself that. This tasted exactly like a normal Oreo, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that because on its own it is “milks favorite cookie,” and I have no problem with it. But for something like this thats supposed to build up ones anticipation (which is at least what it did for me) it definitely falls short.

Tripple Double Stuffed Oreo- 3/10

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