Phase III Recovery Drink Review (8/10)

Today in the mail, I received two free samples of Phase III recovery drink which I was asked to review. Let me just say, if this drink is what it is said to be, it is an innovation in the world of exercise. Their slogan is “Real Milk, Real Recovery, Really!” which comes as a relief, because while it was called Muscle Milk, being lactose free i’m not sure what is actually in it.

The packaging on this drink comes as many competitors in the same field of products. In a tin “bottle,” i’m not exactly sure what the point really is. I guess for the person drinking it after an intense workout, it makes them feel more masculine. And i’m not trying to be sexist, but I feel as though these products are being primarily marketed to men of a certain demographic, which is what the tin bottle can is aimed at.

In terms of a meal replacement I give this drink an easy 9 out of ten, because it is LOADED with protein. And for a meal replacement this has a very good amount of calories, and can easily provide the protein for muscle gain with the calories for a diet

For the taste I would say it is a little chemically (even though it is real milk and supposed to be without the chemicals) but all in all not hard to swallow. The chocolate tasted just like a chocolate shake, and the vanilla like weak melted ice cream.

Chocolate- 6.5/10

Vanilla- 5.5/10

Calories (for a meal)- 9/10

Protein amount- 8.5/10

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