HTC Sensation 4G Review (8/10)

Today, I am excited to present my first in a long line of tangible technology reviews. I figured what better way to start than by reviewing something nearly all of us have, not an ipod, not a laptop, not headphones, but a cellphone. And this isn’t just any cellphone, but an android enabled 4G phone.

If there is something I have become accustomed to since my days of studying cellphones (as well as tablets, and everything else in the world of cellphone) is fanboys. While i’m sure they exist for basically any brand they are most apparent in the world of apple, and pretty apparent in the world of android. And this is one of the things that got in my way during this review, in that apple fans will usually disagree no matter what, and all other fans (at least intense ones) will try to agree as much as they can.

So with that intro, it is only fair that I compare the design to that of the iphone 4. People who tell me they like the design of the iphone say its sleek, and artfully plain. Well, this phone appears to me as artfully artful, and while that may sound plain and stupid, it is true because the design on the back at first appears slightly unbalances, but that is what makes it sleek in its own way.

Like most android phones, my only problem with this phone is the size, as the 4.3 inch display makes the phone feel like “a brick in your pocket.” Aside from which however, the interface and design it what you would expect from any android device (which I can go further into if any of my readers are interested). All in all this phone deserves a solid 8/10

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