Mrs.Fields Cupcake Cookie Box Review (7/10)

Today I received a gift from Mrs.Fields in the mail for free to review. While I will admit my birthday isn’t for quite some time, a gift like this would make me wish it came sooner and more than once. This has to be one of my favorite products received thus far, and thats not easy to say for somebody as picky as me

I know I often mention the packaging of a certain product as it is an important aspect for me, because the presentation truly sets the mood for how one is to feel about a specific product. At first I was partially confused as to why the cookies were packaged within a giant cardboard cupcake, which I still never truly figured out. I mean I have certain ideas about their motives for doing this, but in the end I think everybody can agree its pretty cool all the same.

In terms of the actual cookies themselves, they were amazing if they fit your taste. And I know you can say that for anything, but it really holds true in this case. If you don’t like soft cookies they aren’t for you, if you don’t like cookies that are very sweet they aren’t for you, if you don’t like cookies with a hefty price tag (although in my opinion it is worht it) they aren’t for you.

Semi Sweet Chocolate Without Nuts- 8/10

Cinnamon Sugar- 7.5/10

White Chunk With Macadamia Nuts- 8.5/10

Tripple Chocolate- 7.5/10

Oatmeal Raisin With Walnut- 5.5/10

Peanut Butter- 3/10

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