Boyer Candy Company Review (4.5/10)

Today I will be reviewing a variety of products from Boyer Candy Company, that they sent me samples of. I have to say, it wasn’t until recently that I started hearing anything about their candy, but once the buzz started it really began to pick up. While all of this talk may have been a local thing I was still at least a little impressed.

Before I start the review, let me just say this company is quite obviously a competitor of Reese’s peanut butter cups, but their large variety lets me think that they do put up a pretty good fight

I know I often say the first thing I noticed about a certain product is the design of its packaging, which was the same this time, however in a different way. At first I was taken aback by the plain design, but after a little while I realized that is what made it good. They are a relatively small company, and the packaging gives off an “old time” impression which definitely fit the company.

I wish I could go on and on saying good things about the candy, but I definitely cannot. There seemed to be a little something wrong with each of their products, the dark chocolate was way too deep, butterscotch peanut butter masked the flavor, and the milk chocolate peanut butter did not stack up to Reese’s, and the peanut butter and chocolate pretzel did not taste like anything. However the mallo had a mellow inside, and the actual milk chocolate was good.


Dark Chocolate- 4.75/10

Milk Chocolate- 2.5/10

Peanut Butter

Butterscotch- 6/10

Milk Chocolate- 4.6/10

Peanut butter Chocolate Pretzel- 4/10

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