Pejadas/Fiesta Crunch chip review (7.5/10)

Today I received yet another product from a manufacturer, through the mail, for free, that I was asked to review. The first thing about this brand, that caught my eye was the variety of flavors. Because I was impressed by the samples alone, that included ranch, cheesy bean burrito, and jalapeno cheddar.

Before one can even consider the taste of these chips, there are two major things that have to be considered, one positive and one negative. Initially, I was shocked by the price of the chips (labeled on the bag) since there was a good amount of chips inside. However, when taking into mind the nutritional facts I was a little disappointed, in that 1600 calories for this sized bag seemed a little steep.

The first thing I noticed about the actual chips themselves, was the consistency. Compared to other chips I have tried in the past, these chips get an easy 10/10 in terms of the crunchiness, crispness, and all around way they feel when being eaten. The second thing I noticed was the smell of the chips, it’s not great, but if you can get past it you will NOT be disappointed with the taste.

Ranch- Very good, smell and taste, “ranchier” compared to competitors- 8/10

Jalapeno Cheddar Not good if you’re looking for a kick, as the Jalapeno is very smokey understated-6.5/10

Cheesy Bean Burrito- Unlike other companies, this flavor tasted EXACTLY as the flavor described 7/10

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