Eau De Lacoste Cologne Review (5/10)

With all of the choices out their in the world of cologne today, it can be hard to choose which one suits you the best. Luckily I am here to start helping you discern between all of the choices, starting today with a review of 3 cologne sample I received (for free) in the mail today.

I don’t think a perfume sampling has ever been so wide with opinions as Eau De Lacoste has, as each of these cologne samples (like most) had their pros and cons. Let me start by saying it was DEFINITELY not the best thing I’ve ever smelt (although Pure was definitely amazing)

Before you decide to invest in a bottle of cologne there are many things that come into play. Before purchasing this cologne, one definitely has to be sure they are comfortable with their feminine side. Because at one point I wasn’t even sure this was a cologne until I was told so. If it were smelt while a guy was wearing it, it would be easy to tell it was cologne. However, it does leave a sort of girly scent

However, all in all this would definitely be considered during a shopping trip (especially considering its very cheap price range for a category for cologne like this). See my individual ratings below.

Lacoste Relax Rating- 6/10

Lacoste Powerful Rating- 3.5/10

Lacoste Pure Rating- 8.5/10

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