13 Reasons Why Review (8/10)

13 Reasons Why

We have all seen those kids in high school, the ones who get picked on, the ones who are tormented, the ones who dread having to get on the bus day after day; The book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is an insight on the lives of these kids and how one person can actually make an impact on another persons life.

Thirteen Reasons Why book cover

Thirteen Reasons Why *Minor Spoilers*

Imagine a butterfly, fluttering its wings in the breeze, everything it did, every particle of dust it sent into another direction would impact somebody’s life beyond comprehension. This is sort of how the thirteen people in the book effected the main character, hannah’s life to the point where she felt her only option was suicide.

Read on for the thirteen reasons why you should read this book

Why you should read Thirteen Reasons Why

1. Thirteen Reasons Why is an easy Read

2. Thirteen Reasons Why gives you a new Point of view

3. Thirteen Reasons Why keeps itself interesting with minor intertwining twists

4. Thirteen Reasons Why includes symbolism, as well as metaphors, similes, etc.

5. Thirteen Reasons Why involves different perspective on life

6. Thirteen Reasons Why Is the “new hot book” at the moment

7. Jay Asher is truly an amazing author

8. Thirteen Reasons Why will truly make an impact on your life

9. Thirteen Reasons Why makes for great book discussions

10. Thirteen Reasons Why keeps you holding on until the end.

11. It invokes certain emotions that you look for in a book

12. You can truly sypmathise with Hannah

13. Thirteen Reasons Why is truly an amazing book.

Pick up Thirteen Reasons Why at your local bookstore today

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