“Speak” Book Review (5/10)

How about a new type of review, the kind where I don’t just praise whatever I just read, but actually tell you maybe why it wasn’t such a good read. The first opinion I had of this book, was that it had absolutely no structure whatsoever, and by this I don’t mean the chronological order of the book itself, but the order of the major events in the book. The storyline made perfect sense, but the way it was presented lacked a certain structure that you find in most books. Another problem I had with the book was that personally, I never was able to “get into it.” Most books whether good or bad, have a slow start (with a few exceptions) however, they mostly have a point where the reader is able to say “I finally got into this book.” This book, up until the last few chapters felt like the beginning, only dragged out until the author seemed to have not been able to put any further ideas without pushing forward. Why this book was given awards, and loved by so many is beyond me, however since it was able to keep my attention long enough for me to finish it, and had some good ideas/represented a somewhat good story, i’ll give it a solid 5/10.

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One thought on ““Speak” Book Review (5/10)

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