Ice Breakers Frost (8/10)

If your like me, you’re sick of gums and mints that give your mouth that “overwhelming” sudden burst of mint, or whatever flavor it might be. You are also probably sick of mints that are so small that it’s time to pop in a new one after 3-5 minutes after starting on the first. Introducing Ice Breakers Frost, a solution to all of this! I think we have all seen the commercials promoting this product, but I know personally I have been a skeptic about trying something other than my always available Breath Savers. It wasn’t until they were the only mint left at a gas station that I decided to give it a try, and I have to say I was not disappointed. Starting off with an almost sweet sugary flavor, and a rough texture these mints are good from their beginning up until the gradually disintegrate leaving a mint flavor in your mouth for up to an hour afterwards. The package says perfectly powerful, but I say that’s a little strong even for this mint, “perfectly mild,” sounds about right.

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