Baseball Superstars II App Review

Any other app junkies out there besides me? I think most of us have indulged in one of the many apple inventions, as they have even created an app store for computers now, but whether it be an ipod touch, computer, iphone, or ipad (and if this keeps up maybe even an “itampon”) one thing remains constant; the applications. A new app that I have decided to review branches from the original Baseball Superstars, and is quite a doozy. This app is overwhelming to say the least, with 6 modes of play, as well as 8 home screens, this game is confusing from the get go. As if that weren’t enough, then you get into “My League,” which is, at least in my eyes, the main game mode, and you are just blown away with all the options. I’m happy enough with a simple baseball game, although I am also happy with a simple tetris or pong, but in all seriousness all I want to worry about is hitting and pitching without having to deal with radio quizzes, and going out on the town, and I cannot even begin to name all of these options. Aside from all of that however, with the graphics, and options (and i’ll be fair, you can “dumb down” the game a bit with the options), as well as the hours of addicting game play, it is definitely worth the 99 cents. Although with the price of apps these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if the price went up since my purchase.

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